Download: Viva Care – PPEP Assessment Task Force

Viva Care Medical Group would like to prepare all of our physicians of the CPSBC Physician Practice Enhancement Program that is rolling out across BC.

The Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) is a collegial program with three distinct components designed to proactively assess and educate physicians to ensure they meet high standards of practice throughout their professional lives. Each year, hundreds of British Columbia’s physicians participate in the program.  More details of this program can be found by clicking here.

Viva Care Medical Group has established an Assessment Task Force that has the following objectives:

  1. Have clear and thorough understanding the of the Physician Practice Enhancement Program process.
  2. Developing a baseline for the clinic based on the criteria provided and address any gaps in advance of the assessment (education, process improvement, equipment purchasing, etc).
  3. Provide guidance and awareness to front staff and physicians on items that can be seen as focus areas for the assessment.