Legal Services - Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you recently been in a motor vehicle accident? If yes, we offer quick and simple solutions to better manage the aftermath of your accident.

Our clinics are able to accommodate you with a physician that fully understands the assessment and treatment options to help better equip you in your recovery. It is strongly recommended that along with a proper health assessment and rehabilitation plan, you seek legal consultation for your car accident. We have partnered with the law firm of Clark Woods LLP to ensure you are appropriately represented against ICBC for our Port Coquitlam patients.

Unlike many traditional law firms, Clark Woods LLP is designed with your convenience in mind. From the moment you first contact our office until the date of either settlement or judgment, we will work side by side with you to ensure your unique set of needs are met. Whether this means travelling to your home or office to meet with you, arranging treatments or finding the top medical experts to help direct your recovery, at Clark Woods LLP we are determined to exceed your expectations of what a lawyer can do for you.

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Have you been in a car accident?

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