Obtaining Your Medical Record

Are you interested in getting a copy of your chart from a recent medical exam you had recently at one of our Viva Care clinics? We offer a convenient service for these notes to be emailed to you within 24hrs.

  • Complete chart – notes from all of your medical visits

Guildford Patients – This service is only for walk-in patients of the Guildford clinic.  For family practice patients of the clinic you will need to book a visit with your physician prior to making a request for your chart notes. Note: The above does not include medical sick notes. Once payment has been made we will send you your most recent encounter notes or your complete chart via email. Use our secure online payment tool below and once payment is received Viva Care will send your notes accordingly. If you have any questions please email info@vivacare.ca.

Record Type

Please select the type of record you are interested in obtaining.  Once selected and purchased the records will be sent to you within 24hrs.