Women & Sleep Apnea, what are the symptoms?

When it comes to obstructive sleep apnea, men and women often experience varying symptoms. Women are less likely than men to be diagnosed with sleep apnea. Women experience shorter obstructive events and are prone to more upper airway resistance and flow limitations. They also have predominantly REM based events and experience more arousals from sleep. [...]

Eating Out – Health Choices

Do you struggle with what to choose when eating out? Are you able to keep on track with your food choices at home, but are uncertain what to order when you go out?  Eating out doesn't have to be a challenge, with some planning you can enjoy meals out and keep on track with your [...]

Weight Gain & Sleep Apnea

Even though weight gain is usually not the cause of sleep apnea, it makes the severity of sleep apnea greater. There are different factors that may cause sleep apnea to be more severe in the heavier population such as: increases in neck circumference and fat deposit around the upper airway, increase in upper airway collapsibility [...]