The Secret of Building a Healthy Meal

Eating healthy can be confusing with the contradictory messages in the media.  What exactly is a healthy meal made up of? My requirements for a healthy meal are: It should taste good It should be satisfying It should support stable blood sugars It should provide the nutrients needed for our body to perform at its [...]

5 Myths of Healthy Eating

If you are struggling to lose weight, or have lost weight and regained it.  Schedule a complimentary session with our Dietitian, Sharon Fast today and we can talk about how YOU can Stop the struggle   Feel Great and be healthier without dieting. If you eat less and exercise more you will be successful in losing [...]

Eating Out – Health Choices

Do you struggle with what to choose when eating out? Are you able to keep on track with your food choices at home, but are uncertain what to order when you go out?  Eating out doesn't have to be a challenge, with some planning you can enjoy meals out and keep on track with your [...]

Snacking Basics

Have you ever been caught hungry during the day with no good food options with you? Read on to find out healthy snacks pack or enjoy at home!   Snacking Basics   Snacks are important if your next meal is going to be longer than 4 hours away. For many people having an afternoon snack [...]