About Viva Care Medical Group

At Viva Care we are committed to providing our patients with the best end-to-end health care available. Our full-service, state-of-the-art Viva Care clinics and designed to deliver each patient the superior service and quality health care they require all under one roof. With a caring staff, a broad range of medical professionals and specialists, and a comforting, convenient environment, Viva Care clinics aim to ensure every patient receives the medical care they deserve.

Telehealth is a HIT!

Unlike the new movie about stars and wars, Telehealth is a huge success! Turns out all kinds of people love being able to see a doctor from home, work, or wherever they are. Better still, not have to go to the clinic. “Thank you so much to the lady who was on duty at telehealth [...]

How Physiotherapists can improve the lives of British Columbians every day

Physiotherapists help patients improve their joint health, and restore muscle strength and endurance. Physiotherapists work closely with patients to make sure they are getting the right care for their condition, injury or mobility issue, so that they can get back to enjoying life and the activities they love most. One in five British Columbians live [...]

Avoid the Clinics During Flu Season!

It's that time of year again - flu season. Why would you go into a clinic and risk catching something if you don't have to? Use our Viva Care Telehealth service! It’s free and easy to use! CLICK HERE Choose a date, and time, and receive an email link to our secure portal. Then when [...]

Got pain? No problem, Laser can help!

What's is Laser? Laser stands for (L)ight (A)mplification by (S)timulated (E)mission of (R)adiation. It is Drug-Free, Surgery-Free, Immediate and Effective Pain Relief How does laser work? Laser Therapy works by flooding the tissues with photons, energizing the damaged cells and increasing circulation to the painful area. This produces a cascade of healing responses in your [...]

Sleep Apnea and High Blood Pressure: A Dangerous Pair

There’s a wealth of research suggesting that sleep apnea and high blood pressure are a dangerous pair. Obstructive sleep apnea, which occurs when breathing is briefly and repeatedly interrupted during sleep, has been shown to increase risk for high blood pressure. Research also shows that high blood pressure, often referred to as the “silent killer,” [...]

The Future of Healthcare

Traditional delivery of primary care takes place in a face-to-face transaction between provider and patient. Telehealth, however, is based on the notion of using technology (like computers and mobile devices), to see a doctor, specialist, or another healthcare practitioner to manage the health and well-being of patients. Telemedicine offers patient-centered approaches, such as improved timeliness [...]

 How can Viva Care Pharmacy help before you go on our summer trip?

Question:  How can Viva Care Pharmacy help before you go on our summer trip? Anaswer: Planning a Trip? No matter where you are heading this summer, make sure you book a pre-travel consultation with your Viva Care Pharmacist.  It is important to contact your Viva Care Pharmacist at least 4 weeks before your trip. Depending [...]

Night Shift Work Makes Diabetes Control Difficult

People with type 2 diabetes have poorer control over their blood glucose levels when they work the night shift compared with those who work in the daytime or are unemployed, a new study finds. The study results showed that poor long-term glycemic, or blood sugar, control, was independent of what workers ate or any sleep [...]

Women & Sleep Apnea, what are the symptoms?

When it comes to obstructive sleep apnea, men and women often experience varying symptoms. Women are less likely than men to be diagnosed with sleep apnea. Women experience shorter obstructive events and are prone to more upper airway resistance and flow limitations. They also have predominantly REM based events and experience more arousals from sleep. [...]

How big are hearing aids?

When I have prescribed amplification for a person with hearing loss we often enter into the conversation of, “How big are they?” Hearing Aids, or Amplification Devices as some may call them come in a range of size, whether they’re sitting deep inside your ear canal being thought of as, ‘invisible’ or if they’re sitting [...]