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2301, 2018

Supplements for High Blood Pressure

By |January 23rd, 2018|Categories: Pain, Questions and Answers|

Question:  Dear Wellness Pharmacist, I have high blood pressure and came across the supplement, Salv-Tonic.  Should I take this supplement and what benefits will I obtain by adding this to my health regimen? Answer:  High [...]

2312, 2017

Learn about Exostosis

By |December 23rd, 2017|Categories: Health Tips, Hearing|

Repeated exposure to cold, whether that be wind and/or water may cause an abnormal growth of bone within the ear canal. This is called exostosis or bony exotosis. The medical term for this bone growth [...]

2212, 2017

Telehealth is a HIT!

By |December 22nd, 2017|Categories: Health Services, Health Tips, Myths|

Unlike the new movie about stars and wars, Telehealth is a huge success! Turns out all kinds of people love being able to see a doctor from home, work, or wherever they are. Better still, [...]

2111, 2017

How Physiotherapists can improve the lives of British Columbians every day

By |November 21st, 2017|Categories: Health Services, Pain, Questions and Answers|

Physiotherapists help patients improve their joint health, and restore muscle strength and endurance. Physiotherapists work closely with patients to make sure they are getting the right care for their condition, injury or mobility issue, so [...]

2011, 2017

Ototoxicity, from your medicine cabinet to the workplace

By |November 20th, 2017|Categories: Health Tips, Hearing|

Ototoxicity is the property of being toxic to the ear (oto-), sometimes as a drug side-effect. The effects of ototoxicity, although possibly reversible and temporary, can be irreversible and permanent. Many ototoxic drugs are well known and used in clinical [...]

2011, 2017

Avoid the Clinics During Flu Season!

By |November 20th, 2017|Categories: Health Services, Health Tips, Myths|

It's that time of year again - flu season. Why would you go into a clinic and risk catching something if you don't have to? Use our Viva Care Telehealth service! It’s free and easy [...]